Time for a new job chart

Click on the image to go to a PDF of this chart.

LOL. Our children know that with the change of season comes a new job rotation schedule. So here it is! In the midst of this crazy wedding open house prep week, I had to make the chart, because school started last week, and we need that routine to help us maintain our sanity–AND so we could know whos is supposed to scoop poop today!

The children mark off their job with a check each day. On the spot where there is “R E P A,” they simply mark off their initial.

I believe that clear, organized visual information helps reduce conflict in the home. When a child knows what their responsibilities are (and has been kindly taught how to do them), they are much more likely to do them. That’s why I create charts.

Our children are accustomed to charts and know what to do with them. They are also used to organization, so that when they grow up, if they choose to, they will have an idea of how to organize a group to accomplish specific work. And HOPEFULLY they will also know how to kindly teach a child (or older person) how to do a task!



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