TL’s for Dad: No peanut butter comments

chocolate cake birthday 2016
This beautiful chocolate cake was made by a daughter for Lane’s birthday dinner tonight. She said she learned not to put strawberries in the middle or it will crack the cake. We all agreed that this recipe is amazing no matter what happens to it in the decorating stage. You can find the recipe under “Desserts” in our family cookbook (under the “Feed ‘Em” tab). Or just click on the photo!

It was Lane’s birthday last week, but we decided to do his birthday dinner tonight. He really didn’t want us to do TL’s, because he is NOT a spotlight kind of a guy. (What are TL’s? “Tender loves” are comments that we make about each person on their birthday–things we love about the birthday person.) I decided to record and share the comments that our children made this one time.

DISCLAIMER: You might think that we are sitting around being super serious and loving, but actually it’s more like love interspersed with some bickering or arguing, ample interrupting, a couple of jokes cracked, and all varieties of distracting comments being made the entire time we have this “TL” session. It’s kind of a hilarious/annoying/heartwarming experience. At any rate, here are our children’s TL’s for Lane:

“I love Dad because he works so hard. [He only takes a little time for himself.]…All the rest of his time is spent helping and serving others. He works hard fixing so many problems at [work] and when he comes home, he cooks food if we need it, or helps people with homework….He will make time for things that are really important…so, thanks, Dad.”

“I love Dad because he has so much faith in me for doing so many things, and treats me like I’m smart, and he doesn’t waste time on things that aren’t important….He always takes time to explain something I don’t understand…so I can know, too…He expects things from me, and I want to make him proud….Even though he’s super busy,…he’s really good at listening.”

“I love Dad because he always fixes things and…he’ll let me look at the news with him, and he’ll let me go wherever he goes with him, and you’re super nice….”

“I love Dad because he shares his peanut butter chocolate chips with me…He’s always kind to me…He takes me places…He lets me help him, even if it’s really late at night [they worked together on fixing a sprinkler until almost midnight last night]…During the school year on Saturdays, after we’re finished working, he would sometimes ask me if I want to go get corn dogs, so he’d take me to Weinerschnitzel and get some. And on my birthday, he always takes me to Panda Express, ’cause I love it, and then we’d go to his office and watch a movie…”

“I love Dad because he is really funny, and I love his laugh….And I love that he loves to cook, and I love to cook (“It’s a competition now,” Lane commented.) He has such a strong testimony and is a worthy priesthood holder. He is really good at talking about history, and I love history, and he’s really good at giving history lessons. And I love how Dad is such a hard worker and gets up early to do things and is always so concerned about Mom.”

“Dad, I love many things about you, but one thing I have appreciated lately is that Dad has very high expectations of each of us, and I was talking with another student recently and how we have a professor who has really high expectations, and how that has helped us. And going along with that,…Dad always wants to be a part of your journey towards those expectations. He doesn’t want you to do it alone. He doesn’t have unrealistic expectations….He is the last one to go to bed, first one to get in the morning, getting up early to make sure things that need to be done in the family get done–just seeing how he manages to do so many things. He still keeps his priorities. It’s something that I’m learning, that I really admire in Dad.”

“What I love about Dad is that he actually cares about you and everything you are doing, whether it’s in school or church or with friends or just like your own habits, and he…wants to help you get to the best place that you can be, and he sets those goals with you so that he can attain those goals with you. I also love that he is super loving towards his family. I know some families don’t show that…Since I’ve grown up in a home where I can go to you to get a big hug or to Mom, I’m just really grateful that I can go to you for a hug when I need it.”

(I didn’t record my TL because I can’t talk and type at the same time. But basically, Lane is my best friend, and I love him more and more ever year we are together.)

And what about the peanut butter comments? That was a slip of the tongue that I made at the beginning of our TL’s, when everyone was making little comments so that we could hardly even start. I meant to say, “And no comments from the peanut gallery!” But I said, instead, “And no peanut butter comments!”

And so it goes. You just have to translate what I say into what I mean. LOL. 😂


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