3T: Chip Clip

Have you noticed I love alliteration? 🙂 (I love the character Pippi in the movie “Mr. Poppin’s Penguins, which, by the way, I would recommend with a language filter…). Here’s my 3T (Tuesday’s Terrific Tip) for today, Wednesday 🙂 :

Chip clip photo

Yep, it’s not rocket science! The good ol’ wooden clothes pins. And that’s what I love: finding something that is simple, can serve more than one use, and isn’t expensive. Bingo!

Chip basket photo

And this is how I mostly organize my home: plastic baskets, labeled with a sticky note, permanent pen, and clear strapping tape.  When that purpose changes, I remove the label, make a new label, and use the basket elsewhere for a different purpose. Cheap, fast, easy.

Happy Homemaking,

Liz 🙂

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