We need a little Finnish Christmas

We need a little Finnish Christmas

We had a sweet visit with our Finnish “grandmother” today. She is truly an angel! She is either ninety or turning ninety this year, and she is just remarkable. She has aches and pains and challenges but doesn’t like to speak of them. She told us today, “I don’t advertise my complaints because I have learned there is no market for them.” I love her positivity.

She told us about all the people she gets to interact with and how loving they have been to her. I want to be like her when I am 90!

We brought her some pulla that Sarah baked yesterday. She said Sarah was the best pulla maker in America! (We would tend to agree….) She gave us each a Finnish gingerbread cookie that she had made that we relished. I told her how I give every married couple I know (as part of their wedding gift) a tiny gingerman and gingerwoman cookie cutter and tell them to look up her recipe for Finnish gingerbread cookies. I also tell them that whenever they may find any frustration between the male-female differences in their interactions, to remember that those differences are divinely ordained, and to make cookies together instead of being frustrated.

So I opened up my laptop to start on Christmas card labels and saw that sheet music on my computer desktop, which has been there for months and months because I wanted to put it in my blog for safekeeping. So I did. It’s a song that comes from this album that Lane brought back from his mission to Finland 27 years ago. It is fun song that our children remember from childhood Christmas music. And it just makes me happy! So I think I’ll turn on that music, because I need a little Finnish Christmas music now….

Hyvää Joulua!

(The sheet music comes from https://peda.net/aanekoski/perusopetus/atk-tuki/oppiaineet/oppiaineet/gbip/joululauluja/tonttujen-jouluyö (I hope I am not infringing on copyright. I don’t speak Finnish, so I wasn’t sure, but you can click on the linke to the webpage from which it came.)

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