What IS that smell?

PUSH cleaner

One of our upstairs toilets overflowed the other day. In a big way. The toilets in this home have given us lots of experience, shall we say?, ever since we moved in. Simply life.

The overflow went into the carpet on the floor adjoining the little bathroom, and although someone cleaned it up well, I went into the bathroom two days later and the room did not smell good. I knew the room was clean–it had been scrubbed down with bleach–so I wondered where the smell was coming from. Not the toilet (check). Not the garbage (check). Not the floor (check). It’s such a small room, I knew there wasn’t anything else to check!

Then it dawned on me: the carpet next to the tile.


So I went to our cleaning supplies cupboard and got a product that I would recommend: Betco Green Earth PUSH Drain Maintainer Floor Cleaner & Spotter. We got a gallon jug of this years ago from a cleaning supply place, and it has served us through many a bodily fluid/matter carpet and clothing mess. The enzymes in the cleaner consume the organic matter. It is very effective. You have to clean up the carpet (or upholstery, etc.) the best you can first, then spray the PUSH onto it so that it is sufficiently saturated (not soaking, but well sprayed), and then leave it. Follow the directions on the bottle after that.

Good stuff.

It’s nice to be able to take care of messes with a minimum of expense, since with people around, there is going to be sickness and accidents and overflowing toilets sometimes.

We don’t anticipate janitorial services being such a part of life when nurturing others, but it certainly grows our gratitude for our mothers and fathers (or other kind nurturers, including janitors) who cleaned up after us when we needed help. More gratitude is a good thing!

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