Show a little love in the morning






What happens when a husband doesn’t kiss his wife goodbye in the morning? A grumpy wife criticizes her son for wearing a dirty shirt, then that little boy gets mad at his sister, who then says an unkind thing about her friend’s rain coat, and so on down the chain of interactions until a little boy kicks his dog.

Happily, the dog thinks the boy is playing, and so he doesn’t return the anger, and the boy responds with love to the dog. He forgives his grumpy sister, and the unhappy chain of events reverses until finally, when the husband returns home and kisses his wife hello, all is well in the world again.

The Quarreling BookThe Quarreling Book by Charlotte Zolotow is one of the books I love to give as a wedding present. It underlines the significance of small and simple ways we can show love one to another. It also reminds us of the importance of how loving interactions affect not only the “weather” in our home but also in the lives of those around us. We can “scatter sunshine all along the way” with affection, kind words, smiles, etc.

Charlotte Zolotow and Arnold Lobel gave the world a sweet gift with this book!


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