YM: Victory!

Lizzie's bottle

If you’re Mormon, you might think my new category abbreviation stands for “Young Men.”

Nope. It stands for Young Mom.

Today we babysat my friend’s two little children through the bulk of the day while she and her husband helped out with our Stake Youth Conference. They have ADORABLE children, and taking care of them just “took me back to the day.”

Their inquisitive, happy 4-year old stuck to Peter like velcro and went up stairs to check out the new gerbils and play swords. Their active, smiley 9-month old appreciated my arms and hip but did not want to go down for a nap. At 12:30 pm, we had our short-lived victory: she drank her bottle and went down for a nap! Sigh. I still remember the feeling of the personal victory it is to get a child to sleep. Particularly a young one. She’s in a very wiggly stage, and she loves to bounce. I pulled out this fabulous door swing that I used “back when” that is still in pristine condition. (No child loved to stay in it for long.) She giggled and bounced while I folded some laundry. I thought, “How did I get anything done back then?”

There is one word for young moms: busy.

It is a full-time job.

I didn’t have other expectations for today, remembering that. And so I got to enjoy these children more like a grandmother: helping them be happy while knowing that at the end of the day they would go back home and I could sit down and rest.

There’s a reason it’s a great idea to have children when you’re younger. You’ve heard it a million times. You have more energy! It’s true. I’m tired!

One of my favorite parts of the day was how Peter and Anna enjoyed the children. Anna just wished the baby wanted to come to her more than she would: “I just love babies! They are so soft!

And the way they hang onto you when you have them on your hip, or the way they wiggle, or smile at you, or talk, or laugh, or gulp, or hold a bottle, or finally relax until they can’t keep their eyes open any longer. (The baby, not the 4 year old. He was spry as a fox the whole day.)

Being with those children was a gift and helped me appreciate how we have seasons. I’m grateful for my season, but I am so grateful I got to have my season bearing and rearing babies–so grateful.

Happy Other People’s Baby- and Children-Enjoying,

Liz 🙂


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