YNAB, again

I just watched this video, as I am constantly wanting to improve my financial management skills.

OK, fine: Not constantly. During the last week of each month I am. haha

I have never been great at budgeting and tracking my money, as I’ve related before. But I am making room for change in my life, a little bit at a time. This year I worked on my budgeting, but not very effectively. I want to do better.

So I tried YNAB a year ago, and it just was too cumbersome. But apparently they have made some changes, and I am getting a little bit better at the management, so I’m ready to try again. I don’t like Mint. It is just too complicated for me. I WANT SIMPLE. Just tracking and balance. So I’m just going to make my budget for December and then in January reduce my spending and try YNAB again.

I’ll report back to see how it goes.

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