He spoke my language! (Keep practicing)

Every talk that I have heard so far during conference has been inspired and inspiring, but the talk I heard not many minutes ago by a leader whose name I don’t know yet (I missed seeing it on the screen) really seemed to be speaking my language. He talked about “Hearing the music” in our homes. The metaphor he gave about learning ourselves and teaching our children to “hear the music of the gospel” and not simply teaching them the dance steps is, as you know, what I feel passionate about, and what I so desire to learn to do! He used all kinds of music metaphors that really spoke to me, those musical terms being the concepts I discuss with children in my home and at the school week after week.

My favorite quote? When he said something like, What do we do when the music of the gospel isn’t being played harmoniously?


That is the hopeful catchphrase of the day for me. Keep practicing.

When that talk transcript is out, I want to read it again. Along with ALL of these awesome conference talks!!

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