I heard the UPS guy singing your birthday song

_MGL7555Dear Mom,

I was in the school office signing in one day in March when I heard the UPS guy singing “You’ve Had a Birthday” to one of the office staff. I smiled wide as I thought, “My mom wrote that!” and I thought you would smile knowing that not only Primary children around the world are singing your song, but also a UPS guy remembers it when serenading those to whom they deliver packages. (Kudos to him for singing on the job!)

It reminded me of Elder Holland’s talk, and the phrase that I love to help me remember about how much is enough when we are serving others: “She hath done what she could.” You have always been that kind of mom who did what she could (and then some) when someone asked you for help, or whenever you saw a need you knew you could fill.

I remember when I was in high school, and the church music department wrote you saying they’d like another birthday song for their new Children’s Songbook. So you went to work and wrote one. You always prayed over everything you did, and then you always acknowledged Heaven’s hand in helping you. You are such an example of using your God-given gifts to serve.

I remember walking through the MTC in Provo as a missionary, hearing your hymn over the loud speakers, feeling as if I were getting a reassuring hug from home in a very needful moment. And I remember getting your letters every week–most of all, the encouragement that I could “make lemonade” with the lemony moments I was encountering on my mission. You are so good at making lemonade from lemons in life!

Thanks, Mom, for your amazing examples of faith and faithfulness, service, and sharing your talents. Thank you for loving learning and teaching me to love it, too. Thanks for being my best cheerleader and music teacher (singing “That’s a B flat!” from the kitchen as I hit the wrong note in the family room), and I am finally learning music theory even after your most noble efforts to teach an unwilling child. Funny how things come so full circle.

I know you don’t want to be remembered as the woman who wrote a hymn or a birthday song, but I’m so glad you are. We will always think of you for so much more than your music! But your music is such a wonderful part of who you are, and it’s blessed us so much, and it’s so symbolic of all of the goodness you embody and have shared. It was part of your mission on earth, and you did it!

As I remember that day in March when the UPS guy was singing, your song, your example and love continue to waft through my life like a welcome, cooling breeze.

You are the BEST. “Her children arise up, and call her blessed.”  We do!

Happy Mother’s Day!




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