RTW: Motivation to keep them practicing

Sometimes my desire to to help my younger children practice (and my older children) wanes…just a little. Or a lot. OK, sometimes really a lot. The 2 weeks surrounding Nate’s mission were pretty much a wash for Peter and Anna. A no practicing holiday. Woo hop! They loved it. So did I!

But the only bummer about no practicing is that it’s not usually very good for the musical habits. Sometimes, it’s really good for the spirit to take a break! A break can bring you back feeling ready to go again!

Practicing music has its benefits. Sarah’s trip in 2011 to Vancouver, B.C. to play with a group of young Suzuki harpists at the World Harp Congress, was one of those. It was such a gift that she was able to go, and it was such a special, life-changing experience for her. And such a pay-day for me. I LOVE to hear my children play beautiful music on their instruments.

And when I do, it motivates me to keep helping them to keep practicing.

I can do this.

I. Can. Do. This.

Happy Keeping On,

Liz 🙂

1 thought on “RTW: Motivation to keep them practicing”

  • Not only can you do it, but you are doing it and making such a wonderful difference every day.

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