GQ: I deserve it

The children said so many funny things this weekend! I didn’t scribble them down anywhere, and now they have fled from my memory. But one child just said something that impressed me. I gave this child a big hug and asked this child if they know I love them. The answer was yes, but there was some reticence. I asked if it had to do with the grounding. This child laughed and gave an answer that surprised me: “I’m not upset about being grounded. I deserve it.”

We both smiled at that answer.

I felt like breathing a big sigh of relief! It’s not easy being a parent, especially in the teenager department. We have to hold strong and steadfastly to the boundaries we have set, because no matter how angelically obedient a child is, in my experience, s/he will probably test those boundaries. (Although Sarah said to me this weekend, “See what an easy child I was?” She was easy during her teenage years, but I don’t hold it against the other children. They all have different personalities. I have good children. They don’t want to be bad. They are just figuring out how to manage their lives, and all of us make mistakes or use poor judgment at times. I know I do!)

Happy Remembering What They Say,

Liz 🙂

P.S. I just remembered another thing Sarah said. We were talking about her semester at school and the “dessert parties” she happily hosted, which included a rainbow cake at her St. Patrick’s Day dessert party, which was a big hit. “I think hosting is a part of my calling in life,” she said. No doubt!

Lane, looking at the wall, just said, “I wish the kids wouldn’t put huge dents in the wall.” (I chuckled.) “I’m serious.”

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  • What’s amazing is this seems to still apply to us as adults as well. Still working on it and trying to get better every day.

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