GQ: Jumping in the fridge, magic wands, and corn on the curb

jumping in the fridge

We’ve had some family quotables popping up lately.

When I was a teenager, and my mom said something funny, we’d called it a “mommily.” Now that I’m the mom, mommilies are prolific. When I have a lot on my mind (when do I not?!?), I’ll say something that I don’t mean at all, such as when I discussing how I wanted Anna to do something the other day while I got ready. I said to her, “I’m going to go jump in the fridge…”

Peter piled a dinner plate with chips and shredded cheese before heading to the microwave. As he passed, I raised my eyebrows at his plate. “Some people like to eat,” he defended, “and I might be one of those people.” Let me tell you: this 10 year old’s appetite is certainly matching his growing. Maybe he will have his dad’s genes after all! (I’ve wondered if my genes for shortness must be predominant, since none of our children have “shot up” so far.)

Rebecca tried out for the musical “Cinderella.” When she came home from school, and I told her I needed her help with cleaning up the kitchen, she said, “Now I really wish I had a magic wand.”

Amen, sista.

Peter made up a great joke the other day:

“What do you call corn on the side of the road?” (Corn on the curb!) We decided he might be world famous for that one.

Lane was starting to sauter something in a pan the other night and stuck a very generous portion of butter in the pan. Peter, surprised, cried out, “Dad! That’s too much butter!” Lane whispered, “Shhh!”

So fun to remember the funny things we say in families! Happy Remembering,

Liz 🙂

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