LOL/GQ: Pe-DES-tal


I’ve heard a few things said around here that have made me chuckle.

One of my favorite things about children (older and younger) is hearing them say words that they haven’t read before and saying them a new way that I haven’t heard before. Tonight one of my children, upon reading a little plaque on the wall, said to me, “If you need me, I’ll be on my pedestal.” But she said it with the accent on the middle syllable: “puh-DES-tal.” (Think “pedestrian.”)

I’ve mentioned before that sometimes I don’t sleep so well at night. In trying to remedy this, I’ve tried a lot of different things, like darkening the room, having just the right temperature (not too many blankets, but heavy enough blankets), a drink of water, essential oils dripped on my pillow case, and on and on.  Lane is an awesome supporter of all these “interventions,” but we both had a good laugh when we were on our trip and I had retired to bed first, and then asked for chapstick…a drink of water…the air conditioning on…, and he said, “The princess and the pea has nothin’ on you!”

Sarah has been working instead of going to school this summer. When asked about her job, she replied, “Good, with long stretches of boring.”

Lane noticed a hole in the wall and asked who put it there. Pete replied, “[It was] probably from when we were younger.” Lane retorted, “Like a month ago?” (I always love it when a child says when they were younger…)



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