GQ: “The Happy Way”

My step-mom told me once something her nanny taught her: “Share with one another, for this is the happy way.” (At least that is the way I remember the phrase!)

Sharing is a happy way to travel through life! This morning my sister-in-law left our home after having attended her son-in-law’s college graduation and dropping off her fourth child at college. We absolutely love getting to have them visit! They always return the favor and are the kindest hosts when we visit them.

She said something this morning about how when they are traveling, they stay up so much later than usual. I asked her to tell me more about it. At home, they get up at 5 am for early morning seminary, and their (now last!) child attends zero period, beginning at 7 am. He is finished at lunch time and heads over to the library to do homework for 2 1/2 hours before going to track practice. He’s home again for dinner and heads to bed at 8, getting to sleep by 9. She said he prefers to get up at 4 am to do unfinished homework. Wow!

I love this! I love being able to ask other mothers how they do things, because it gives me a vision of what is possible. If another family can do something, it doesn’t mean that it is the best plan for ours, but it helps me to see beyond our “world” and consider ways that, if we tweaked our routine, we might benefit. My husband and I are early risers and believe our children would benefit from doing the same, but getting them to do that is another challenge that we have not yet figured out. “There’s gold in them thar [early hours]!” 🙂

Sharing with each other as mothers–it probably isn’t what my step-mom’s nanny was teaching her exactly–maybe it had to do with sharing her toys? But it certainly applies that being able to share ideas is the “happy way” to learn and grow from one another. When we only see one part of the “elephant,” it helps to get other perspectives. (That’s why I love blogging!). Please comment and share your ideas with me!

Happy Sharing,

Liz 🙂

P.S. What has helped you to help get your children on an early-morning routine?

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