RTW: “If they don’t find you handsome…”

vacuuming out the light fixtureLane told me a saying back when we were first married that made me laugh: “If they don’t find you handsome, they’d better find you handy.” From then on, whenever Lane did some repair around our home, I’d remember that funny saying. When I repeated it, he would raise his eyebrows, as if I were saying he wasn’t handsome! So I just reminded him that he was the one who taught it to me!

He knows I think he is VERY handsome.

And he is also VERY handy.

While some people think that homemaking skills and handyman skills aren’t so important to teach at home, I totally disagree! Lane and I have had many experiences saving a LOT of money because of the skills I learned growing up in preparation to be a homemaker, as well as from the handyman skills he learned growing up in preparation to be a husband.

And so we’re happy to get to pass these skills on to our children.

I love how Lane involves the children in helping him. Nate knows a lot about fixing things in the home and yard along with other practical problem-solving skills because of Lane. I know that someone in the future is going to be pretty happy about that.

I’m not just talking about Nate!

Happy Teaching,

Liz 🙂

oven out for tile repair

P.S. Last Saturday also reminded me of how it’s the little things that make such a difference to me as a woman! When Lane and Nate fixed the broken spring on the oven door, rehung the tiles that had fallen off the wall above the oven, and re-grouted the tiles, I felt as if the kitchen had practically been remodeled! (And then the oven was pulled out so I could clean those grimy sides, too.) Little repairs are the best!

Nate fixing tiles


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