RTW: When are they ever going to learn?

Shining sink

Yesterday Sarah texted this photo to me with this caption: “My shining clean sink just like you taught me.”

That made me so happy–not just that she cleaned it so it was “shining,” but that she would share her satisfaction with me of a job well done.

Sweeping Sarah

I found this photo recently of Sarah on one of hundreds of Saturday morning family work sessions. Sweeping is her least favorite job to do, so her smile in this photo is particularly charming!

Sometimes when we’re in the midst of working with our children and not seeing any results, we, as mothers, can feel discouraged. We wonder when our work is going to pay off. I know I have thought or said, “When are they ever going to learn to …?” I forget that they are learning as we work together, even if they choose not to demonstrate it then. But someday they decide to. It’s so great to have a “payback” moment like yesterday’s. Thanks, Sarah, for giving me that!

Happy Paybacks,

Liz 🙂

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