How NOT smoking builds wealth

Do you ever wonder about that promise that those who keep God’s commandments will prosper in the land? (See 2 Nephi 4:4 and Deuteronomy 28)

I seem to find evidence of it all the time.

Yesterday I was visiting with a dental hygienist who got on the topic of caring for the teeth of some smoking patients. She talked about how she has two heavy smokers who have appointments every 3 months, and how one in particular has lost several teeth and would lose more if she didn’t come every three months. I considered how much my yearly appointment costs and multiplied that by 4 in my head. That is a LOT of money simply for dental appointments.

Cigarettes by themselves are expensive. Consider the cost of doctor bills for smoking related illnesses: increased respiratory problems, skin problems, cancer, hospitalizations. This is potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. This doesn’t include the cost to others because of one person’s smoking habit. (One website claims that in the United States alone, smoking cost us “$100 billion in healthcare expenses and almost $100 billion in lost productivity. The emotional toll of tobacco use is even more staggering, with tobacco-related death and disease taking away parents, siblings, children and other loved ones.”) You could do a LOT of good with that much saved money, both as an individual and as a country.

Talk about prospering in the land.

Add how much you might spend on alcohol to that picture, and the amount of money you save by living the Word of Wisdom is adding up by the second!

I am so grateful my mom taught me about this law. Living it is really a gift. I save so much money and am so much healthier. And have much nicer smelling breath. I always remember one of my elementary school teachers who had smoking breath, and how I dreaded going up to ask him a question at his desk because then I would be within close proximity of his breath. I distinctly remember not avoiding that as a child.

So interesting all the challenges associated with smoking. I wish a teenager or young adult who is about to begin smoking for the first time could consider all of the challenges that s/he will face potentially with the beginning of one puff.

I’m grateful to be able to teach my children and then send my children out to teach others about good health, whether as friends or missionaries or mothers or fathers or doctors or teachers or whatever!

The power of mothers. What we teach in our homes matters SO much. Such a small thing. Such big consequences!

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