My mother drank water

water glass Earlier this week, I was feeling really grateful that my mother drank water. She prepared healthy foods–sometimes too healthy in our childish opinions–but it paved the way for the healthy habits that I try to live today.

Most of all, I’m grateful that she drank water.

We didn’t eat out a lot. We hardly ever went to fast food. She was always very frugal, and waiting until we got home from errands or grocery shopping to have a snack taught me delayed gratification and frugality. We didn’t have soda pop around much, which has helped me stay more fit over my lifetime as well. I also save money because I am used to drinking water, so that’s what we drink more than anything else at home and in restaurants. (I bet I have a lot of books in our library paid for by money saved by only drinking water!)

This week I heard about a young child who was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. His mother also did drugs, and now, as an elementary age boy, he has very troubling behavior with no signs of remorse or ability to control himself. I considered the implications of prenatal alcohol consumption, and how NOT drinking alcohol during pregnancies also saves lives. So my mother’s habit of drinking water and never drinking alcohol may also have saved my life, and my own children’s futures, and other people’s lives around them. Because there is alcoholism in my family history, I don’t know if I would be genetically prone to addiction if I had ever drunk alcohol. I know that from my personal struggle with depression, that it would have been easy to self-medicate with alcohol, for sure!

When we eat out or travel, and I see the menu prices for alcoholic beverages, I consider  how much money we save every year by not drinking alcohol. I also wonder, if I had grown up in a home where my parents drank alcohol, perhaps I would have also chosen to consume it, and perhaps also had a hard time limiting my consumption, and perhaps even have had children who bear the brunt of disabilities because of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. I really can’t predict.

I don’t have to, because my mother drank water.

Thank you so much, Mom!

(Gotta love the lipstick on the glass. One of my children said to me the other day, “Will you please be sure you wipe off the lipstick from your glasses, Mom?”)

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