SOS: Lessons learned at home last longest (Labor Day Post)

Baby photo Liz

(This is one of the few pictures of me as a baby. I definitely learned how to smile from my mom. She smiles all day long!)

You know I love alliteration. President Monson has said a few things using alliteration that I love. One is, “The lessons learned in the home are those that last the longest.”

One of the lessons I learned at home that has lasted was the one about my birth. My mom went into labor with me on Labor Day a number of years ago. (According to a young neighbor last week, it was 15 years ago. She asked me how old I am, and I replied that I was pretty old. with Then I asked her how old she guessed I am. She said 15. Love it!)

So she went into labor on Labor Day, and she and my dad headed to the hospital that evening. They learned that if they checked in before midnight, they would still have to pay for that day at the hospital, but if they came back after midnight, the new day’s charge would begin then. So they decided to go to the movie theater and watch something to pass the time while saving some money. And once the movie ended, they headed back to the hospital, where I was born, the Tuesday following Labor Day.

The lessons? It’s OK to endure some discomfort to save money. Be frugal! Be tough! I was child number four, and obviously my mom wouldn’t have taken a chance if she were too far along in her labor to leave the hospital, but she had grown up in a home where frugality was honorable, and she figured she would be fine a while longer.

What a woman.

Having been through a few labors of my own, I really admire that. Mom is no pansy. She is not afraid to work, to endure personal discomfort, and to use her resources. Both of my parents have been very hard workers their whole lives. I hope that my life will mirror their commitment to working hard. I especially admire my mother’s dedication to working hard on behalf of her family. Now in her seventies, she has a better and more prolific garden than I do, cans the best dill pickles and raspberry jam and peaches, and will gladly send home some fresh produce after working out in the sun, or with arms full of quarts for our family to enjoy after she sweated it out in the kitchen canning. That’s just a glimpse into what she does for others. She amazes me. She is always working, always ready to help, always thinking of others, and always quick to smile and laugh.

What a woman! She is the best. Thank you, Mom, for laboring and bringing me into this world, and to both of my parents for their examples of frugality and hard work.

Happy Teaching Lessons that Last,

Liz 🙂

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