SOS: No regrets

Nate issued me a challenge (invitation?) today in his mission farewell talk today, to share this video to which he referred.

I had forgotten about it, but when we were sitting visiting on the couch, he reminded me! LOL.

So here’s Sean’s story. And I have to say that I can relate to those parents, and how happy they felt when Sean came to them and said how he had chosen seminary over surf, because he realized that he was missing that Spirit.

Nate made a choice like that when it came to his mission–having to decide if he was going to do first: military? school? mission? It wasn’t a simple choice, and there was a lot of thought over time that went into it. We’re grateful for the choice he made, because we know, having both been blessed to serve a mission, how much that decision will impact everything else that follows in his life.

It’s pretty amazing having come full circle, from being a returned missionary, to marrying and bearing children, to getting ready to send one of those babies (who has grown up!) off on a mission. Speaking of no regrets, I have none when it came to any of those decisions. For me, choosing to follow the Lord has always paid off. Today was one of those golden moments. It was truly wonderful thing to be with so many  loved ones today. Many, many thanks to each of you who traveled and made a special effort to arrange your day to share it with us! And many thanks to all of you loved ones who live right here who have made such an impact in Nate’s life and in ours.

Days like today just bring me back to what is the sweetest part of life: family, friends, the gospel, testimony–all wrapped up together! I feel happy TO THE CORE.

Simply Happy,

Liz 🙂





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