SOS: Productivity recommendation


Going to the temple on a regular basis helps me get more done during my week than I can do on a week when I don’t go.

How do I know? I am kind of an analytic person. I love to analyze and record. Sometimes when I have a day in which things just really flow well, and I am able to serve AND get things done that are on my “weekly list,” I write down everything I was able to do that day. (It helps me count my blessings and recognize the hand of the Lord in my day.) I have been so amazed at how blessed I have been the weeks that I go to the temple! Every day I am able to get done things not only for others, but also have been able to do things that I have been wanting to get done.

Very cool. Very personally satisfying.

I love the temple!

Happy Increasing Your Productivity by Attending the Temple,

Liz 🙂

P.S. Isn’t that a cool photo of the Lima Peru temple?

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