SOS: What gives me energy to push

Just after I finished my post about the labor of going back to school, I found and watched these three short videos. I realized that these videos beautifully describe what keeps me going. They describe how I access the energy that Christ gives me, allowing me to have strength to push.

I don’t have enough strength simply on my own to accomplish what I need to accomplish for my family. Christ is my “outsource” for the strength I need. I’m so grateful that in Heavenly Father’s plan, we don’t have to be perfect (perfectly trained, perfectly educated, perfectly fit, perfectly anything) in order to get help. We just do our best to pray, to study, and to try to do what He says. That’s the affordable cost for this incredible outsourcing. It’s such a simple pattern. And when we are sincere, we receive the help we need.


Happy Outsourcing,

Liz 🙂

P.S. I always took two scriptures with me into labor: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippines 4:13) and “…We do not doubt our mothers knew it” (see Alma 56:47 – 48).

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