To be morally clean

There are a million reasons why you would want your child to live a morally clean life: filling their minds with positive thoughts, understanding the true purposes for physical intimacy, doing good to others, dressing modestly, choosing to not have sex until marriage, and being faithful to their chosen spouse.

Here are my top 3:

1. God commanded us to be morally clean. He designed and created us, so He knows what will allow for our optimal functioning and happiness. It makes sense to listen and follow His plan for happiness.

2. Living a morally clean life will help you have peace your whole life long. You can’t do wrong and feel right. If you live a morally clean life, you will have no regrets. Making immoral choices will hurt you and others.

3. Living a morally clean life will help you be healthier and live longer. It will help you avoid some horrible physical venereal diseases and HIV.

Here are some of the posts I written about those reasons and how we have tried to teach our children the gift  of living a morally clean life:

What I’m listening to

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