To cook

currant biscuits

(Biscuits with currants are a family tradition that come from when my husband lived in England with his family.)

Children need to learn how to cook so they can feed themselves as adults! It is our mindset that people are healthier and wealthier when they prepare their own food more than they eat out, particularly when their culinary education is founded on sound principles of nutrition, planning, and budgeting.

plum jam

Eating together as a family is scientifically proven to benefit family members’ lives in significant ways. Growing up in our home means you are part of a dinner prep team that includes learning how to prepare AND clean up afterwards. A wise neighbor said to me once that in their home, the saying goes, “The first rule of cooking is cleaning up.” Our children have heard that a number of times (hopefully many) over the years. We also hope that they will teach their children another saying from a friends’ home: “Many hands makes light work.”

French onion soup

Our family cookbook provides recipes we love to prepare (like the currant biscuits coming out of the oven, homemade plum jam, or French onion soup, shown above), but it’s not all we make. We get recipes off of the internet, from a grandparent’s brain and table, from friends and church activities, etc. We are always trying new things and experimenting. Lane is a great cook in the kitchen, so the children know that everyone is expected to learn to cook, no matter their gender. And having some great cooks in our home and extended family means that cooking and eating yummy food is a legacy to continue and share!

Go to the “Feed ‘Em” tab to see our family cookbook, learn how we have tried to teach menu planning, and more.

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