To get along

imperfect-people-are-all-god-works-with-jeffrey-holland-quotes-sayings-picturesWhat skill and desire is more important than getting along?

Christ taught us to love one another as we love ourselves. SO, learning to get along means learning to be kind to others as well as to ourselves. We have to learn to listen, to apologize, to forgive, to hold our tongues, to be gentle, to praise, to sacrifice our own desires, to be patient, to serve unselfishly, to wait, to rejoice with others’ successes, to suffer long. I love how Elder Holland phrased it above: that God deals with US, so we can certainly learn to deal with others with love and patience as well, especially with his love and help.

Between Lane and me, Lane is better at modeling getting along with others. Sometimes I still seem to have a 10-second fuse. (I’m working on that☺.) I thought I was such a patient person before I got married and had children! I hope my children have learned how to sincerely apologize from me.  (I do it a lot.)

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