To memorize

Memorization Pattern

Phrase 1: Repeat 5x

Phrase 2: Repeat 5x

Phrases 1-2: Repeat 5x

Phrase 3: Repeat 5x

Phrases 1-3: Repeat 5x

Phrase 4: Repeat 5x

Phrases 1-4: Repeat 5x


Learning to memorize is a fabulous skill and helps a child to become smarter because there is so much that we need to memorize in order to grow our knowledge base–if we want to become effective in many classes and certification programs. We also find that when we have memorized something, it becomes a part of the treasury of goodness that we can access in times of need, such as beautiful verses of scripture, poetry, prose, or quoted wisdom.

Memorizing facts paves the way for future success: If you want to be a good French teacher, for example, you need to memorize lots of vocabulary as well as grammar rules as well as their exceptions. You have to know how to conjugate certain families of verbs and which verbs do not fall into those families.

If you want to be a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, pharmacist, or any job in which you work upon the physical body, you need to memorize all the intricate parts of a person’s anatomy. You also have to memorize how certain things act upon a body, such as specific foods, chemicals, or energies.

If you want to be a musician, you need to memorize key signatures, note names, intervals, pitches, and musical terms.

If you want to be a mathematician, you need to memorize formulas, multiplication tables, etc.

If you want to be a chef, you need to know the names of a multitude of foods, both plant and animal, herbs and spices, and how to prepare all number of dishes, how different temperatures and methods of cooking will affect different foods, etc.

You get the idea.

So you can see why it’s a great idea to begin learning how to memorize information when you are young!

There are many ways to memorize. One of the simplest, for verses of words, is the pattern above. It is easiest if you don’t do it all at once. For example, just try to memorize one scripture a week, so you work on 1-2 phrases each day. It only takes a minute. The key to maintaining the memorization, of course, is review. So once you have learned a verse, you repeat it the next week, and so forth.

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