To sew

Sewing is an incredibly useful skill. Even though we can find most of what we want in a store or online, we can’t always find it in the style or size at a cost we can afford. By simply knowing how to sew, I have been able to save a lot of money on hemming and mending, help my daughters go on date dances, made some great costumes, give special gifts, pass on traditions, and create beauty in my home. I also have special memories of teaching my daughters and others how to sew.

The good news is you don’t have to have excellent sewing skills to do a lot of basic things for yourself and others and to save money. It’s worth the effort to learn! In the photo above, I sewed the costumes that Nate and Julia (the baby) were wearing (well, not her turtleneck!). Sewing costumes is especially fun!

If I had a lot of money that didn’t need to be spent elsewhere, I would fund a store and some promising young designer or two who would help create clothing for young women and women that is–

1. beautiful AND modest: NOT just “modest” (but skin tight) or “modest” (but really too short or “modest” still needing an under-tee underneath to be modest) or something that you might only wear as a grandmother or missionary;

2. affordable;

3. good quality so that it doesn’t get holes after the first 2 washings and can be handed down to a sibling, cousin, friend, or stranger.

Until that day, I will keep shopping and keep sewing!

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