To work and set goals

smiling tree stumpLane and Nate worked SO hard over hours and hours to remove a tree stump from our yard. Once it was finally removed, we put a smiling face on it and took a picture. It was a kind of trophy, not to mention an answer to prayer and a reminder of how hard work, perseverance and faith help us triumph over the obstacles of life. It also is a reminder of lots of great experiences we have had working alongside our children.

While Nate and Lane worked so long on removing it, the stump didn’t come out until after after Nate left on his mission. Lane received a letter from Nate with some ideas about getting it out the same week that Lane got it removed. We loved emailing this photo to him.

Teaching children to work by working together is one of the great blessings of being a parent. Here are some posts about teaching children to work or set goals:

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