2017 Goals: Gentle, soothing and calm

There are so many examples of Jesus being gentle, soothing and calm. I want to have these attributes in my life more this year.

I’m not sure how I am going to work on this as at this goal-setting moment except the following. So if I come up with more ideas as I go, I may add to this list.

  1. Pray to be gentle, soothing and calm, particularly in stressful moments;
  2. Study and ponder the word “gentle” in my scripture study and as I go throughout my day;
  3. Write down what I learn from the experiences God provides for me to learn;
  4. Attend the temple weekly whenever possible;
  5. Say no to invitations to commitents that would overextend me so that I can have time and space to be peaceful and get ready for bed starting at 8:30 pm;
  6. Remember when I’m having hormonal changes to be patient with myself so that I can be more patient with others;
  7. Focus on the Savior and plead for his help, even praying outloud in the moment of need.

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