To write

Learning to write isn’t something that comes naturally for everyone. While I may not be the best writer in the world, it is something I enjoy. I need to write, just like I need to breathe. (OK, breathing is more important, but that’s how passionately I feel about writing!)

There are ways to encourage writing in children (and adults!). Journaling is a natural place to start.

My childhood bishop (church congregational leader), Bishop David Bennion, (who was also our home teacher at the time) gave me my first journal. The gift came on the occasion of my baptism when I was 8 years old.

(LOL: I couldn’t read his writing when I was 8, and so when I was older and could decipher what it said, I wrote it again below!)

That was the beginning of a significant recording of my life, as you can see in the oodles of journals I have filled since then. Now I have 40 years worth of life-chronicalling! I bet he didn’t think that would happen as a result of the little seed he planted with that gift!

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