Free books

“There is no free lunch,” we have taught our chilren, but sometimes people give things away freely (at their own expense). Good books are the best kind of free treasure! Here is how you can find a lot of great books for free:

  1. After you subscribe for free, you will receive one free e-book per month.
  2. Eyre’s Free Books. Go to Linda and Richard Eyre’s website and become a member (for free). You will have access to a huge list of e-books that they have written. Linda Eyre had a major impact on my life as a young woman when I read her book A Joyful Mother of Children.
  3. Librivox. Free audio recordings of books that are in the public domain. This website contains audio recordings of books whose copyright has expired. You can also make an audio recording and post it there!
  4. Project Gutenberg. Free e-books of books from all over the world that are in the public domain. If it’s a classic, chances are you’ll find it here.
  5. RACFLP. This is my own personal project. Click on the link to learn more. Someday, I hope to be able to have people request receiving a book to enjoy for up to 6 months before passing it along to someone else. I’m not there yet! I hope one may cross your path someday if you would like that.
  6. Your local library. This is the great invention of someone who wanted everyone to have access to books! Most libraries (in the U.S. that I know of) don’t charge for a library card–they only charge you if you return a book late or lose your library card).