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Sound of MusicHere are some of the movies we have enjoyed in our home. Some of them are particularly not recommended (*) for all ages.  This doesn’t mean that if there’s not an asterisk, it is necessarily child-friendly, or vice-versa. My rule of thumb is, whenever possible, to view a movie before a child does. Then you can know if it contains material that YOU feel comfortable with!

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The Adventures of Tin Tin (series)


Charlotte’s Web

Joseph, King of Dreams

Lady and the Tramp


Prince of Egypt

Swan Princess

The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince in French)

BIOGRAPHY (“Biopic”)

Chariots of Fire

Gifted Hands


I Can Only Imagine

Living Proof*

Love, Kennedy

A Man for All Seasons

The Measure of a Man

Miss Potter

Something the Lord Made* (I would recommend watching this movie with a filter for language!)

The Man Who Knew Infinity (PG-13)

The Queen of Katwe


It Happened to Jane

Paddington 2

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken*

The Measure of a Man

The Princess Bride*

The Scarlet Pimpernel*


Akelah and the Bee*

Firelight (2012)*

Forever Strong*

I Can Only Imagine

Love, Kennedy

Mother of Mine (in Finnish and Swedish with subtitles)*

The Giver*

Where the Red Fern Grows


Signing Time series


A Little Princess

Anne of Green Gables

Christopher Robin (2018) (Live Action)

Cinderella (the 2015 live action one)

Follow Me, Boys!

Hundred Foot Journey*

It Happened to Jane

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe*

Little Women

The Man from Snowy River*

The Measure of a Man

One Man on the Mountain

Prince Caspian*

The Secret Garden

The Swiss Family Robinson

The Ultimate Gift* (I definitely would watch this first before showing it to your children.)

Voyage of the Dawn Treader*


The Book Thief*

The Cokeville Miracle*



I Can Only Imagine

Love, Kennedy

A Man for All Seasons

Miss Potter

On the Way Home

Princess Kaiulani*

17 Miracles

The Small Woman*

The Man Who Knew Infinity* (PG-13)

Wings of Courage*


Amahl and the Night Visitors

A Christmas Carol (Muppets version)

A Season for Miracles (Hallmark)


Top 10 musicals we love

Mary Poppins

Music Man

My Fair Lady


Sound of Music


Love Comes Softly

Miss Potter

Pride and Prejudice*





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