To provide shelter

pantry can storageDriving through the Guatemala countryside, I passed shelters where women were cooking over open fires and clothing hung from clothes lines. Goats wandered through their homes. It provided a contrast to the existence I have known my whole life. I admired their tenacity and hard work and wondered how I would fare in such a setting!

Providing shelter for ourselves and others is a basic necessity in life. I am so grateful that we have had the opportunity to not only live in a home, but also to live amongst the kind neighbors that we have known over the years in all the places where we’ve grown up and raised our family.

Shelter is not only a physical gift–a roof over our heads, warm beds in which to sleep–but also an emotional and spiritual one as we learn how to shelter one another from the evils and harshness of the world. That is the art of homemaking: to create heaven on earth for our families. Here are some posts I’ve written with regards to preparing to visit the temple–the Lord’s house, organizing the space around us, learning to clean and work, creating a heaven in our home, and developing kindness, including learning to give to others.