To take care of their body

img_1720Teaching a child to eat sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

But if you’ve ever struggled to feed an infant for whatever reason, you’ll know that sometimes the simplest things can be so difficult!

Or if you’ve tried to manage your own health, you know how hard THAT can be.

As a mother of 7, I have learned that helping myself and my family to take care of our bodies is essential to our happiness. I have learned that my physical health and the health of my family members affects our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I wish I had been better equiped to help our family be more active when the children were young. I know I would have benefitted myself!

My knowledge of this has come through some significant (read: life-changing) experiences, so I feel fairly passionate about it. Exercise helps me maintain my personal mental health, so that I can better prevent and cope with feelings of depression and anxiety. When I’m planning to go on vacation, I want to be sure that I can have a measure of control over what I eat and that I can get good sleep and exercise while I’m there. It’s that important to me!

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