A bit of butter with my bread

(This young girl with her own dear accent and delightful style does an impressive recitation of “The King’s Breakfast” by A.A. Milne.)

At dinner tonight, we were eating some delicious French bread a friend gave us, slathering it with soft butter, when a poem from my childhood came to mind.

Of course, I had to share it with my children using my best British accent “The King’s Breakfast

(I loved finding this video someone made of this little girl reciting the poem. Perhaps she is reading it, or perhaps, like my children did sometimes, her mother read it so many times and this little Hannah loved it so well that she memorized it. Bravo to both of them! SO cute.)

Happy Poetry Sharing,

Liz 🙂

P.S. I love the good parts of the internet! I loved finding this poem written and recited by Julie Andrews about sharing poetry with a child at night. She called it “Bedtime Blessing.”

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