RWM: A boy like my own

To_the_Rescue.FSo I’ve started reading our family book of the month, and it is delightful!

Yesterday I was reading the chapters about his childhood and pleased as could be to learn about the boyhood antics of this incredible world leader. He was playful, active, and sometimes mischievous while still being good. I loved hearing the story again of how he set the field on fire, not considering that it wouldn’t extinguish itself. I loved this story:

“Like most little brothers, Tommy enjoyed playing pranks on his older sister. One day when his sister Marge, one of her girlfriends, and two boys were sunning themselves on the sand at the side of the river, he and his coconspirator Danny devised a clever plan. They determined to slip below the swimming hole, shape two large mud balls with a live frog embedded in each, and then drop a mud ball on the stomach of each of the sleeping girls. They quietly moved to the sunbathers and let go of their globs and of mud, which landed on target. Splattered, the two girls sat up ‘straight as a string,’ and the frogs jumped into their faces. Tommy and Danny were doubled over with glee when the two husky boys picked them up and threw them into the river, hollering, ‘Sink or swim!’ They swam.” (p. 59)

Sometimes being a mother to boys can feel a little harrowing. “What were you thinking?!?” is a question I have asked more than once. So it brings me comfort to be reminded that harmless pranks (and innocent mistakes while in the process of creating childhood adventures) are simply normal and OK.  They can still turn out to be wonderful husbands, fathers, servants, and leaders.


Happy Reading,

Liz 🙂


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