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French Day podcast logoWith Sarah taking French at university this semester, and I having the opportunity to speak French while driving her to school, I have noticed that my français is un peu rouillé (a bit rusty).

I need to brush up, or perhaps even get an extreme make-over.

Nope. No time for extreme make-overs. Has to be something small and simple. And FREE.

After some time online googling “French podcasts,” and listening to some samples, I’ve found one I’m going to subscribe to. It’s called “One Thing In A French Day”–a thrice-weekly, 3-4 minute snippet from a Parisian mother’s day. She is married and has three young children. I think we may have some common ground.

She might speak my language, so to speak.

Terrible puns. Sorry! 🙂

I listened to today’s podcast, about triangular crayons. I like her voice, and I like how short her podcast is, and I like that the transcript is affordable. I may subscribe to that next month. I just cancelled my Audible subscription to save some money, so I’ll see if the newsletter (around $3.40) is monthly or per podcast.

I’m already listening to general conference talks in French, which is a wonderful resource (and the transcripts are FREE!), but I wanted something that wasn’t translated from another language into French. I think this might be what I’m looking for.

I particularly wanted to learn some technology vocabulary. From today’s podcast, I learned “email address” (mon addresse email) and “dot com” (point com) and web address (site web). Voilà! Already making progress on my goal!

Eh bien, I need to get back to cleaning the kitchen–before children get home from school and my quiet hours are put aside until tomorrow.

I love how nurturing children always keeps me learning!

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