Songs my children taught me

The other day, Anna and I heard “Lark Ascending,” by Ralph (pronounced “Rafe“–heaven only knows why) Vaughn Williams, on the radio. We love that song! I asked Anna if she would learn to play that song for me someday. She said it was too hard. I told her I was sure she could play that song in high school if she just kept on working on learning the violin like she is now.

She wasn’t convinced.

I reminded her that she had to learn the alphabet before she could read, and now she can read very well. And that she can’t do calculus right now, but by the time she gets to be in high school, she will be able to. Step by step. That’s how learning progresses.

Later I heard another song that I had come to love from Julia’s flute lessons: “Madrigal” by Philippe Gaubert. Gorgeous. And it made me start to think of all the beautiful music that I now recognize and love because of all the music lessons my chidlren have taken over the years and all the pieces that they have struggled and worked to learn.

Arabesque by Débussy, on either harp or piano. (Sarah was just playing it on the piano! Ah, pure relaxation. Breathing deeper now.)

Highland Cathedral on bagpipes. So Scottish, since I’m a Livingston now. (Way to go, Nate!).

“Some Things Are Meant to Be” from “Little Women–the Musical,” which Rebecca and I love to sing. (We love the Sutton Foster recording.)

Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Suite No.1 (Piano Guys version)–I am sure Peter will play this some day if he keeps studying cello. I love to listen to it!

And Lark Ascending, which surely Anna will play someday if she persists with her violin education, but that she and I both will love for the rest of forever….

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