The Ravenous Gown and 14 More Tales about Real Beauty

The Ravenous Gown

Today I spent a few hours reading a book that my friend gave me yesterday. Talk about the luxury of choosing how to spend your time, especially taking time to read! (My kitchen is a mess and the piles of laundry are still there, and there is that tiny detail of my body not cooperating physically today….) It is my favorite chapter fairy tale book. (My favorite picture book fairy tale is Fanny’s Dream.)

You may want to know that fairy tales are my LEAST favorite genre.

We don’t own any Disney Princess books, and I avoided them like the plague when my children were growing up (giving away or tossing the copies that found their way to our home), for some of the same reasons that we don’t own any Barbie dolls: I don’t like how women are portrayed. There is so little of truth and goodness and substance in those tales. If we own a fairy tale book, it has to have some redeemable quality in it other than it is popular. I wanted to give my children tales with recognizable light and truth in them. Stories that are worth their weight. I knew they would get enough “cotton candy” books outside of our home!

I will say that I like, for the most part, the new Cinderella, with the greatest exception being her ball gown. Seriously: why does every Disney Princess have to be dressed inappropriately?! I wouldn’t buy a dress (as low in the bodice) like that for my daughter. I  pray that each of my daughters feels deeply her divine nature and that her clothing choices will reflect that. The reason I like the new Cinderella is that she has a good character

And like so many other great stories, this book was inspired by a mother who wanted to create something beautiful and good for her own child.

Now I know what I am choosing for our June family book club older and younger read. Thanks, Becky, for this wonderful book!


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