Sometimes, when budgets feel tight, it is like a special gift to find a resource that is FREE! Here are some free resources I have found and/or used in our family that have reminded me that you can live within your means while doing your best to nurture yourself or a child (scroll down to the bottom of the page for posts about FREE things):

Audio Recordings

A Christmas Carol

The Christmas Chronicles

French Podcast (One Thing In A French Day)

General Conference in French (I listen on my iPhone, using the Gospel Library app. You can change the language in Settings. It will only change it for the page you are on, which is nice, so you can go back and the rest of the pages you have saved will be in whichever language you saved them!)

Children’s Songbook Songs (English)

Other Children’s Songs (English)


Feeln Free Week Trial


Sheet Music


Posts about how I have used FREE resources:

Point Com

Mountains to Climb 

Feeln Good about Some Good Flicks

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